There is a real food revolution happening in this country and my mission at Real Food Rehab is to help make it available to everyone, not just the self-styled foodies of the world.

What I see out there are thousands of people who want desperately to eat better but don’t know where to begin. I understand it can be intimidating to learn how to use fresh, seasonal produce, learn cooking basics or even throw together a healthy meal without falling back on processed and pre-packaged foods. It doesn’t help that we’re inundated with information that creates so much fear around food; irrational fears about fat and carbs, food safety concerns such as e. coli, not to mention the fear that can arise when we try to make significant change in our lives.

This is an opportunity to work one on one with me to make an easy transition from processed foods to real foods. It will require active participation and commitment on your part…and I promise you couldn’t ask for a more passionate advocate working at your side.

I’ll introduce you to new places, produce and products that will expand the limits of your diet and enhance your quality of life. Together, we’ll figure out what foods truly nourish, satisfy and move you. Together, we’ll enhance your kitchen space, re-stock your pantry and fridge with beautiful foods and teach you cooking basics so you can prepare fresh and easy meals leisurely or on the fly for yourself and your loved ones.

Services Include:

• Initial Consultation
- I access your needs, likes and dislikes and get clear on where you're most challenged. We also go through your fridge and pantry to see what needs upgrading with real, high quality foods.

• Shopping Trip
- An opportunity to discover new markets and new foods that will get you out of an eating rut and bring more health, pleasure and satisfaction into your daily lives. The emphasis is on elevating the foods you love the most using the best local, seasonal, natural, ethnic and artisanal foods that your city has to offer.

• Cooking Tools Consultation - An assessment and buying trip to make sure you have the right tools to make cooking easy and enjoyable.

• Basic Cooking Instruction - Learn how to throw together a healthy meal or cook the foods you love, simply and easily. Learn quick and delicious ways to incorporate fresh produce into your diet.

• A copy of the Real Food Rehab Pantry Essentials Guide
to help keep your pantry and fridge stocked with high quality basics at all times.

• Cookbook Recommendations - I will hand-pick cookbooks based on your taste and style to further instruct and inspire you in the kitchen.

• Increased confidence, courage and practical information to bring you back to your kitchen again and again.

More in-depth cooking instruction and maintenance visits are also available.

To schedule an appointment, please contact me at